Leading marketers are 1.6X as likely to believe that open access to data leads to higher business performance.
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86% of senior executives agree that eliminating organizational silos is critical to expanding the use of data and analytics in decision-making.
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Nearly 7 in 10 leading marketers say their companies use data to support decision-making at all levels.
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Driving marketing growth for data-driven marketers

Marketing & Customer Data Platform (MCDP)

The data infrastructure to handle marketing, sales and customer data efficiently.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing data visualized with customized insights to create marketing value.

Customer Analytics

360 view of your customers with detailed insights into sales and marketing.

Objective & Key Results (OKR) Analytics

Track your objectives with data to ensure actions are taken and results are generated.

Marketing Growth

Marketers may face these common data problems

Marketing Data Sources are Siloed

Resulting in tedious and manual joining of data leading to error-prone insights.

Multiple Sets of Data Truths

Each team has their own way of interpreting marketing data and building data models.

Analytics & Reporting are Inconsistent

With varying standards of reporting formats from agencies and internal teams, consistency is lacking.

Unable to Ask Any Marketing Question

Existing marketing data is limited and does not answer deeper and more complex marketing questions.

Marketing Insights Do Not Produce Results

Marketing analytics is mainly used for reporting, less on generating insights that lead to actions and results.

Challenges to Adopt Marketing Ai Tech

Data readiness, talent and cost are barriers to adopting artificial intelligence in marketing teams.

Avinity Analytics
Marketing Data Solutions

Marketing & Customer Data Platform (MCDP)


Your marketing data infrastructure to acquire, store, clean and transform data from different sources.

The marketing data pipeline connects marketing, sales, customer and other relevant data and acts as the organisation's Single Marketing Source of Truth.

Marketing Analytics
  1. Website, Mobile App, Ecommerce
  2. Ad Platforms
  3. Social Media
  4. Email
  5. CRM
  6. Sales & Financial
Campaign Optimization Insights
  1. Data Lake & Warehouse storage
  2. Automated data cleaning & transforms pipelines
  3. Data Modelling for basic & advanced visualisations
Marketing & Customer Data Platform (MCDP)
Data Source Management

Transform from a siloed data envinronment into an integrated and connected data platform.

Data Storage and Processing

Store raw data from your 3rd party data sources. Clean and transform your marketing data to ensure data is flexible for basic and advanced analysis.

Data Governance & Access Control

Ensure that your marketing data environment meets critical data governance practices, while maintaining practical use for data users.

Marketing & Customer Data Platform (MCDP)


Marketing Analytics


From automated reporting to discovering marketing insights, a customized marketing analytics solution allows your team to focus on marketing plans and execution without worrying about the data.

Marketing Analytics We Cover
  1. Website & Mobile App Analytics
  2. Social Media Analytics
  3. Email Analytics
  4. Advertising Analytics
  5. SEO Analytics
Campaign Optimization Insights
  1. Marketing insights across country, campaigns, channels and customer segements.
  2. Data actions to optimize campaigns based on important metrics such as ROAS, CLV, CAC.
Marketing Analytics
Digital Marketing Analytics

Measure all your digital marketing campaigns, and deep dive into what’s working and what’s not.

Campaign Optimization

Marketing campaign insights from regional down to local provides you with actions to improve your ROAS and overall marketing return.

Marketing Budget Optimization

Manage your marketing budget with performance metrics, optimizing for performing campaigns, channels, customer segments and more.

Multichannel Attribution Modelling

Track customer touch points on digital channels with different attribution models and insights.

Marketing Analytics


Customer Analytics


Get a full understanding of your customers by creating a 360 view of your customers' data. Ask any data question about your customers and gather insights that will give your marketing execution a long lasting impact.

Advanced Customer Analysis & Insights
  1. Combine multiple customer metrics to get advanced insights.
  2. Analyse breakeven and profitability using CLV and CAC ratios.
  3. Create meaningful customer segments based on customer strategy and measure performance.
Optimize for the Right Customer Metrics
  1. Work with our team to determine immediate opportunities to improve customer metrics.
  2. Measure and track marketing actions and progress to ensure you're on the right track.
Customer Analytics
Customer Journey Funnel

Visualize your customer journey and identify gaps and opportunities to make your marketing more efficient.

Customer Segmentation

With more customer data, segment them dynamically to give you the best cohort views to cater for your marketing campaigns.

Customer Lifetime Value

Calculate and track CLV for each segement, giving you insights on what your customers are worth.

Customer Acquisition Costs

The granular breakdown of CAC according to segments, channel and source allows you to improve profitability.

Customer Churn

Understand in detail which type of customers are leaving and track whether improvements to retain them are working.

Customer Analytics


How We Work with Marketing Teams

Marketing Data Partner

Provides the data tools, insights and data-driven practices to support marketing teams.

Data Project Manager
Marketing Analyst
Data Engineer
Data Scientist
Marketing & Customer Data Platform (MCDP)
Marketing B.I. & Analytics
Marketing Growth Hacking
Marketing Automation & Ai

Marketing Teams

Utilizes the marketing solutions provided to perform marketing tasks effectively

Regional Marketing
Country Marketing
Digital Marketing
Brand Marketing
Product Marketing

Marketing Goals & Objectives

  1. Increase marketing ROI by 3% YoY.
  2. Lower customer acquisition costs by 10%.
  3. Optimize conversion rates to generate a 5% sales uplift.

Our work

Using Jump Retail’s merchandiser data, a set of B.I. dashboards are created to track and measure out-of-stock rates for all products in retail outlets located in Malaysia, with the aim to reduce out of stock in a consistent manner.

Managing Seek Asia’s regional data spanning across job platforms of 6 ASEAN countries, data services are provided to optimize regional and local sales and marketing campaigns.

Using Jump Retail’s merchandiser data, the core pillars of store performance are analysed across hundreds of retail outlets in Malaysia. JDE leveraged the consolidated data sources to generate monthly analyses for sales & campaign performance.


Tried and Trusted

Avinity Analytics is tested in real world organisations and constantly improved

Avinity Analytics is by far the leading expert in data analytics and lead generation. Vincent and his team not only helped us harness our sale potentials through our website consistent with industry best practices but also did a great job of building our online presence.

Bahijah Wajid
Senior Marketing Manager - Indizium, Malaysia

Western Digital engaged Avinity Analytics for an urgent and important analysis project which it had never attempted before. Accommodating our tight timeline they produced a detailed report which was presented to the MD and other members. We were thoroughly impressed. There were answers to questions we didn’t even think to ask. Their advice was pivotal in making our final decision.

Sivashanker Thambiah
Regional Director – Western Digital, Malaysia

Avinity Analytics have managed analytics for my company website, designed detailed online advertising campaigns and provided detailed analytics to help my business grow. Their team can tailor their service to whatever your bespoke needs might be. Very professional company and staff. I can’t recommend this company enough!

David Puttock
Owner – Bristol Van Removals, UK