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We help transform your data into
company assets and business value

Avinity Analytics is a full-service data analytics consulting agency.

We implement the latest data technologies, customized to fit complex and intricate business needs.

What We Do

Data Infrastructure

Develop a Robust Data Environment

At the foundation level, ensuring your data is reliable, fast and flexible is the priority:

  • Scale your data architecture for growth
  • Automate data processes for efficiency
  • Optimize data performance for high usability
  • Adopt data governance for compliance & management

Extract Impactful Data Insights

The core value of analytics is to derive meaningful insights that leads to business results:

  • Effective Reporting with BI & data visualization
  • Strategic insights for strategic planning
  • Actionable insights for operational processes
  • Advanced insights to uncover hidden opportunities.

Automate Business Processes

Use data to streamline and automate processes for stable and efficient operations:

  • Notification Automation to reduce human decision making
  • Software Automation to fully automate processes
Artificial Intelligence

Accelerate Growth with Artificial Intelligence

Achieve unprecedented growth with the adoption of the latest AI and machine learning solutions:

  • Predict with accuracy on key business outcomes
  • Detect anomalies and unexpected events
  • Generate impactful data insights automatically
  • Recommend the right actions for specific business problems.

Avinity Analytics Data Solutions

Core Data Solutions
1. Data Infrastructure
& Management

Develop a robust data environment with an automated data pipeline, seamlessly connecting internal and external data for a unified view.

2. Business Intelligence

Tailor made BI dashboards featuring an intuitive design and user-friendly interface aimed at reporting, taking action, and generating strategic insights.

3. Data Governance

Effective data governance policies and systems ensure easy data discovery and secure data protection, building a robust data foundation for your organization.

Advanced Data Solutions
4. Data Analysis

Transform complex business data into actionable insights with a combination of fundamental and advanced analysis techniques.

5. Data Automation

Automate complex business and data processes to help drive efficiency in business operations and eliminate human errors in a scalable manner.

6. AI Solutions

AI solutions that empower your business to uncover hidden opportunities, produce advanced insights, and resolve complex data challenges.


What Clients Say
About Our Work

Avinity Analytics is by far the leading expert in data analytics and lead generation. Vincent and his team not only helped us harness our sale potentials through our website consistent with industry best practices but also did a great job of building our online presence.
Bahijah Wajid

Senior Marketing Manager

Indizium, Malaysia

Avinity Analytics have managed analytics for my company website, designed detailed online advertising campaigns and provided detailed analytics to help my business grow. Their team can tailor their service to whatever your bespoke needs might be. Very professional company and staff. I can't recommend this company enough!
David Puttock


Bristol Van Removals, UK

Western Digital engaged Avinity Analytics for an urgent and important analysis project which it had never attempted before. Accommodating our tight timeline they produced a detailed report which was presented to the MD and other members. We were thoroughly impressed. There were answers to questions we didn't even think to ask. Their advice was pivotal in making our final decision.
Sivashanker Thambiah

Regional Director

Western Digital, Malaysia

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