Retail Intelligence

Retail Data, Insights and Automation that help consumer brands deliver enhanced shopper experiences


Discover what Avinity Analytics can do for your brands.

Retail brands face multiple retail challenges that are evolving rapidly. Avinity Analytics help by addressing these challenges using the latest data analytics, business intelligence, A.I. and automation solutions.

Grow Sales and Win Market Share

Consistently track and measure the performance of your sales divisions, managers and agents to increase sales growth.

  • Nationwide sales coverage & performance
  • Set KPIs and measure sales results
  • Increase sales team efficiencies
  • Strategize and improve sales

Reduce Out of Stock Levels

Identify Out of Stock (OOS) Levels Across Retail Channels and Implement Efficient Ordering

  • Aggregated and detailed OOS Analytics
  • Identify OOS priority list
  • Recommendation on restock quantities
  • Automate ordering notifications

Price, Placement and Promotion Execution

Track in-store price changes, placement of products and
promotion execution to maximise sales output.

  • Compliance of price changes
  • Track in-store product placements and endcaps
  • Monitor promotion displays and floor stands
  • Ensure campaigns are on-time and on-plan

Understand Competitors with Data

Get hold of competitor retail data for effective planning on marketing, product and pricing.

  • Pricing of key competitor products
  • Availability of competing products in key stores
  • Competitor campaign and marketing execution

Avinity Analytics Technology

Data Infrastructure

Reliable, accurate, and fast data delivery is built upon a stable and optimized data infrastructure.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence retail dashboards to provide live reporting and actionable insights.

Augmented Analytics

Automation of data preparation, insight discovery and sharing, data science and AI model deployment

Artificial Intelligence

Computer vision technology is used to analyze planogram image data to provide share of shelf analytics

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